• How Do I Minimize My Allergies?

    minimize allergies

    Springtime is in the air.  Flowers and leaves are blooming.  Each day is getting longer and longer. That’s great, right? However for many of us, when we hear that “Spring is in the air,” our minds concentrate on months of drippy noses, itchy eyes as well as sneezing. We’re most likely to stop and grab […]

  • How Hormones Affect Your Health & Weight

    how hormones affect your weight

    You might be brimming with motivation right about now– which is fantastic if you’re like the millions of Americans who buy brand-new health club subscriptions in the winter time! Ride that wave of self-control. Yet it’s not merely what you consume as well as the amount of time you work out that matters; recognizing your […]

  • 7 Secrets to Not Getting Sick

    7 secrets to not getting sick

    Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you constantly battling a cold, cough, or flu? Are you ready to not only feel better but function better? By following these 7 secrets you will help your body fight away any illness. Each secret is a positive step towards changing your health for […]

  • Why Healthy Children Need Chiropractic Help

    children chiropractic

    How does chiropractic help children stay healthy without medications? A normal working nervous system can help children stay healthy. Thinking about putting your child on medications?  Does it feel like they are going through a stage and you’re hoping they grown out of it?  If you’re asking questions like this, stop by our office. The purpose of […]

  • Does Winter Make You Feel Blue?

    winter make you feel blue

    Does winter time have you feeling oddly blue, out of sorts, tired, and just plain unhappy? The cooler months provide less hours of sun light and keep you inside feeling cooped up. SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is a common seasonal depression that leaves you feeling down in the dumps. It is more common in northern […]

  • Chiropractic Spinal Care Rehab

    Chiropractic spinal care rehab

    At Oasis Chiropractic PA in Cottage Grove, MN we believe it is important to maintain good spinal health for flexibility, strength, and maintaining your spine and back.  In this article I will discuss what chiropractic spinal care rehab is, what it is used for, why chiropractic rehab is needed, and what are some of the rehab tools at […]

  • Cottage Grove Chiropractor Eliminates Adjustments Fears

    adjustment fears

    Have You Ever Thought About How It Would Feel To Get Adjusted By A Chiropractor? Imagining what a chiropractor might do to your back or neck can be scary if you never have been to a chiropractor. Television and gossip often paint a different picture than true reality. We often hear questions like: Will it […]