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About Us 

Meet Our Team At Oasis Chiropractic


Back Row: Dr. Alex Sheppard, Dr. Megan Eckdahl, Dr. Eric Hahn,

Front Row: Nicole Moeller, Shannon Parmeter, Kate Lorentz


The 3 Drs. at Oasis Chiropractic P.A. is a brilliant team committed to putting your health first so you can attain the highest quality of everyday life possible. With 3 Drs. there are 3 sets of eyes that can look beyond symptoms to find the causes of the problems and eliminates it without the use of drugs or surgery to allow your body to work the way it is suppose to. They believe in all natural techniques using gentle non-invasive methods to get you well quickly without the use of medications.

Dr. Eric Hahn and Dr. Alex Sheppard attended Northwestern Chiropractic College In Bloomington, MN and graduated in 2002. They met while attending many advanced evening and weekend seminars. They opened Oasis Chiropractic P.A. in Cottage Grove, MN in February 2003. Dr. Megan Eckdahl also attended Northwestern Chiropractic College in Bloomington, MN and graduated in 2012. She became part of the staff while she interned at Oasis. She became part of their permanent staff as soon as she graduated.

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Our entire team work together and takes pride in watching patients recover from injuries and have their natural health restored.